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  • How many guests can tribeca accommodate indoors?
    Maximum indoor capacity is 200. In the gallery and event space.
  • Do you provide free parking?
    Yes! We provide some free parking and street parking as well. Large party and Weekend events require valet parking.
  • What about vendor parking?
    Vendors may park behind the building area to unload; we ask that they do so as quickly so that other vendor can unload quickly
  • What spaces are included in the rental of tribeca?
    Tribeca hosts one event per day, so the entire space is at your disposal. This includes the event and gallery space plus both mini lounge spaces and unisex bathroom
  • Does tribeca provide security?
    Yes, we do require police monitoring for every event held at Tribeca with alcohol. Two police officers will be present for the entirety of your event. The cost of security will be billed to the client at the current rate of $60 per hour for each officer (included in contract).
  • How much time is allotted for setup and teardown?
    You will have three hours immediately prior to your event for setup and one hour for tear down Additional setup or teardown time may be purchased at $100 per hour, paid 14 days prior to the event.
  • What will the gallery take care of before, during, and after my event?"
    BEFORE Our staff will provide a clean blank canvas unless hired as an all-inclusive event. DURING A Gallery venue manager will be present during your event to oversee the venue only; the venue manager is not responsible for cleaning or busing tables or guarding or moving personal items. UNLESS we are hired to do an all-inclusive event AFTER Tribeca will not break down event decor unless hired as an all inclusive event otherwise there is a $250 non refundable cleanup fee. All trash must be disposed of by client.
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